malcolm in the middle

Hal comes home after work, flips the light switch. Hmm, bulb’s burned out. Into the cupboard to grab a replacement. While grabbing the box of bulbs, he notices that the shelf is loose. It seems one of the supports has a loose wood screw. Off to the kitchen, where he pulls open a drawer to get the screwdriver. It closes with a creak.

He slides the drawer open and closed: squeak, creak. Hmmm. Into the garage where he keeps the WD 40. He gives it a shake. Almost empty. Well, how lucky his car keys are still in his pocket. Into the car to get more WD-40. Turn the key, and runk-a-thunk-a-rough-running. Lois comes come to find Hal wrenching under the car, with the engine up on the hoist.

“Did you remember to change that light bulb I asked you about?”

Malcolm in the Middle, Health Scare