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me and the puzzle

Hello, my name is Reginald. I sometimes blog and have written a few books about programming. My love-affair with puzzles started early. Here’s one example: The Eight Queens Problem… and Raganwald’s Unexpected Nostalgia.

Is like to explore a modest, one-page interactive puzzle, based on some simple math that may or may not be interesting to the kind of person who likes Raymond Smullyan or Martin Gardner’s work. This puzzle will be strictly for fun, and will be CC-licensed.

There are no plans to monetize this puzzle, and if someone else takes advantage of the license to do so, there are no plans to take a share of their revenue. I am not planning any features to make it “viral,” e.g. I have no plans for users to tweet out their solutions.

where you come in

I will be responsible for the JavaScript that operates the puzzle. Both the visual experience and the code behind it to be minimalist. Everyone with a browser can “view source,” and it’s intended that the source be as easy to read and understand as the puzzle is to play. For this reason, frameworks like React are off the table, and my goal is to use zero libraries, not even the ones I adore.

I am looking for someone with design sensibilities and HTML/CSS experience to make the puzzle visually interesting. I’m looking for someone comfortable with a minimalist approach. We will share attribution and copyright.


Putting it all together, why would you be interested in collaborating with me on a puzzle that won’t make either of us famous or rich?

Fun. If you think it would be fun to design the visual appearance of a puzzle, and contribute the CSS and/or HTML to bring the puzzle to life, you’re the person I’m looking for. I am willing to pay a token honorarium for your work on this, but it is not a contract in the “putting bread on the table” sense, nor is it a job.

It’s just something that could be fun to do, for the sake of doing something fun.

the next step

If you’re still reading, my email is reg@braythwayt.com. No need for a resumé or portfolio, please send me a link to one thing you’re proud of making yourself.

Thank you, have a great day!